In an attempt to better serve the engineering community, OSEA is developing a Young Member’s Group within each chapter. The purpose of this group is to serve the members that fall in between school and licensing. This group will have many benefits to its members and their employers.

  • Networking with peers
  • Growth and development of skills
  • More active membership within OSEA
  • Fills the gap between schooling and licensed practice
  • Provides a connection to local structural engineers
There are no restrictions to who may attend and there is no additional membership fee, however no PDH’s will be given. Our goal is to have each member leave the meeting with a refreshed, excited outlook on the field of Structural Engineering.

Benefits that other SEA organizations have seen with a Young Member (YM) group:

  • Assist with career growth by fostering an environment where any questions can be asked, particularly questions that might be embarrassing to ask a supervisor/boss
  • Assist with understanding codes and material specifications
  • Training for engineers – how to make presentations, professional documents, engineering tools and applications, etc.
  • Social activities between young members as well as a bridge between “young” and “old”
Actual YM activities will be chapter driven. Definition of a “young” member is to define the focus of the group, not to limit involvement.